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Energobaltic Sp. z o.o. is a unique plant in the whole Poland or even Europe. We use the earth gas coming from the oil explored from the bottom of the Baltic Sea in „Baltic Beta” Sea Oil Mine owned by LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A.


After the process of drying and compressing, the so called dense phase gas, which is a suspension of hydrocarbons in dry gas, is transferred by the underwater pipeline to the gas separation station in the heat power plant in Władysławowo. The gas pipeline is 82,5 km long and its diameter is 115 mm. The pressure of the gas transferred by it reaches 13 MPa.


The production process in Energobaltic is divided into two stages.  At the first stage, the heavy hydrocarbons fractions are separated from the gas supplied from the rig, in result of which the liquid propane – butane gas (LPG), natural gas condensate (KGN) and dry gas are obtained. At the second stage the dry gas is used for the production of heat and electrical energy.


Władysławowo Heat Power Plant has been equipped with two gas turbosystems, each cooperating with a waste heat boiler in a cogeneration.
The gas turbosystems can produce, when combined, electrical and heat energy of the total output 11 MWe and 17,7 MWt respectively.

Two waste heat boilers of the nominal output 8,8 MWt each, use hot fumes from the gas turbines for heating water in the primary circuit.


Furthermore, during the technological shutdowns of the rig or maintenance shutdowns of the gas turbosystems, heat energy can be produced by three additional peak load water boilers of the nominal output 5 MW each. The type of burners used in them allows for the combustion both of earth gas and light heating oil. The total peak load output of the plant is 15 MW.


The heat energy produced in this way is sent to the urban heating network owned by Energobaltic Sp. z o.o. Currently, it consists of 148 heat transfer stations and 12,2 km of pipelines. The total demanded output is 13,2 MW.