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Energobaltic Sp. z o.o., a Power Plant, is located in Władysławowo at the root of Hel Peninsula in the surrounding of Nadmorski (Coastal) Landscape Park and partly on Natural 2000 wildlife area, in the direct neighbourhood of coastal zone of the Baltic Sea with each beach and Słone Łąki (Salt Meadows) Reservation Park.


The heat power plant of the Company which is unique not only in Poland but also in Europe, uses the waste gas of the oil mined from the bottom of the Baltic Sea as the basic fuel.  In the result of separation of this gas, the Company obtain the earth gas which is a “pure” fuel for the heat power plant and also the liquid hydrocarbons: propane-butane (LPG) and natural gas condensate (KGN).


The application of the oil mining related gas as raw material as well as the unique technology have made a beneficial effect upon the surrounding natural environment.  The founding of the Company has also triggered positive changes to the landscape.


The old and not working waste water treatment plant and old heat power used to stand at the place covered now by Energobaltic’s premises.  The effect of the old plant was the presence of the oil related substances in the soil waters. Shabby buildings were disturbing the coastal landscape. Presently, the concentrations of pollutions of the previous technological process used many years ago appear in traces and are still diminishing, which has been confirmed by Energobaltic’s regular monitoring of underground waters.


Neatly planned objects of the new heat power plant have replaced the old and destroyed waste water treatment installations, harmonizing well with the environment.


Founding the new heat power plant in Władysławowo allowed for removing the numerous traditional and polluting heating plants (boilers) fed by coal, which has reduced by a great deal the emission of harmful agents into the atmosphere.


Due to stopping the use of coal the amount of solid waste such as slack or ash has been limited, and, furthermore, its railway and road transport, reloading and storing which used to cause so called secondary pollution, stopped to be a problem.


It must be noted that our Company maintain the standards of emission of any harmful substances to the environment, and whenever it is possible, such emission is getting limited.


Energobaltic Sp. z o.o. in Władysławowo is one of the few production plants which consume 100% of their raw material and where the emission of any harmful products (fumes and waste) has been reduced to minimum.